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September, 2005

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    SMB Nation - SBS Presentation

    So I just finished my presentation on SBS 2003 SP1 and R2 at SMB Nation, and got a lot of great feedback. Fortunately we had a lot of SBS team members there as well to help me out and take feedback from the partners there. I try to time my presentations...
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    Episode III: The Backup Strikes Back

    Somehow I managed to get home, crawl into bed, get 6 hours of sleep, and then get up to immediately drive back to the business site to be there by 9:30 AM. Fortunately my morning schedule was pretty open, so I felt that I could hang around for a couple...
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    Hanging out at SMB Nation

    So before I continue my saga on my experience as a partner, I thought I'd post a quick comment about the ongoing SMB Nation conference currently happening on the Microsoft campus at the Microsoft Conference Center. So far it's been great as a Microsoft...
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