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  • Blog Post: Whew! The finale of volleyball (pt. 2 - long)

    So arriving on Saturday morning the final match brackets are posted. For all of Friday's matches, officials are rated by the coaches, their partner, and observers/raters. I was extremely honored to be selected to down ref (umpire/R2/whatever) the 2A championship match (with Alan, my partner from Friday...
  • Blog Post: Whew! The finale of volleyball (long)

    Warning - this post has nothing to do with SBS, computers, or Microsoft. :-) Those who work/live around me know that between the end of September and Thanksgiving I'm almost always on the move. Between work and the fall volleyball season I'm pretty much on the move from 8am - 8pm or later. So the playoff...
  • Blog Post: How to call a "Lift" ball in volleyball

    Surprise, Roger asked me for my thoughts on what is a “held” ball in volleyball when I'm reffing. This is probably the most argued subjective call a volleyball ref can make, but I'll add in my 2 cents. I've had this discussion many times with clinicians and colleagues, and here's my best...
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