Silverlight Resources

Silverlight Resources

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I’m about to start building my first Silverlight project. Qixing and I have started compiling a list of publicly available Silverlight materials. I have a couple of hurdles get over in building this application. I find the Microsoft deployment environments significantly different than my traditional Unix background. My guess is that I’m probably building a Silverlight 1.1 alpha application just because I’m going to want to consume a set of web services. Here is the list of resources we put together:

What is possible with Silverlight and Expression?

What do users need?

  • Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 Release Candidate Mac or Windows
  • Microsoft Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Refresh Mac or Windows

What does my team need?

Designer Tools

  • Microsoft Expression Studio
  • Expression Blend 2 (download the most recent preview version) Design tool to create user interaction for Silverlight
  • Expression Design Vector-based illustration and design tool
  • Expression Media - digital asset management tool
  • Expression Media Encoder Allows users to create and enhance Silverlight enabled videos

Developer Tools

What training and resources are available?


Silverlight Resources

Related Microsoft Tools

  • Microsoft Design a central place to communicate about Microsoft's design culture, mission, experiences, people, and much more.
  • a new community site for WPF and Windows Forms, which provides a common place for the community to understand a unified .NET/Windows client offering.
  • WPF Hands-on Labs including "Using Data Binding in WPF," Creating Rich 2D and 3D content in WPF," and much more.

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  • Five hours free Silverlight 1.0 training is now available on Arturo Toledo , a program manager

  • Five hours of free Silverlight 1.0 training is now available on Arturo Toledo , a program

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