The Expression Professional Subscription

The Expression Professional Subscription

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As Qixing mentioned in the previous post, Expression 2 is now live and available for trial download.  One of the cool new things that is being introduced with Expression 2 is the Expression Professional Subscription, starting in June 2008. 

If you are a designer, developer or wear both hats, this might be an option you will strongly want to consider.  The Expression Professional Subscription contains a veritable treasure chest of software for a fraction of the price all of the software combined (Canadian pricing is still being worked out, but numbers I have seen make this a very good deal).

Software included in the Expression Professional Subscription:

  • Expression Studio 2
  • Visual Studio 2008 Standard
  • Windows Vista Business
  • Windows XP SP2
  • Microsoft Office Standard
  • Visio Professional
  • Virtualized Server Environments
  • Virtual PC (for use with Virtualized Environments)
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac (a 3rd party application to run Windows OS on Apple hardware concurrent with OSX)

Stay tuned on pricing and availability.  This is a great way to lower the costs for you to build great experiences on the web that are cross-platform and help you grow your business in the process.

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  • Slightly off topic here...

    Will we be seeing Expression Studio in MSDN Academic Alliance as well?

    Channel 8 offers expression studio through DreamSpark, but they don't have a good authentication system set up for Canadian schools (and also it costs money to get an ISIC card).

  • Hey, Scott.

    Great question - I'll look into it for you and find out if I can get you an answer.  Stay tuned...


  • Hi, Scott.

    I have confirmed that Expression Web 2 and Expression Blend 2 will be included in the MSDN Academic Alliance subscription.

    Also, there is a Designer Academic Alliance subscription that will include Expression Studio.  

    For information on the Academic Alliance subscriptions, please refer to


  • La version 2 de la suite Expression, qui s'appelle d'ailleurs fort justement Expression Suite 2 - est

  • Thanks Paul, I just took a look at <a href="">the msdn-aa website</a>. I think our school (Waterloo) is on a special plan, because our list of software is slightly different from Developer AA and Designer AA. I think that's a question that I'll have to take up with the administrators since we don't even have Expression in our system.

  • In a previous post , I mentioned that Microsoft was bringing out the new Expression Professional Subscription

  • In a previous post , I mentioned that Microsoft was bringing out the new Expression Professional Subscription

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