[Mini-Tutorial] Creating a Silverlight Video Gallery

[Mini-Tutorial] Creating a Silverlight Video Gallery

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As I promised in one of my  earlier posts to do a tutorial on how to create a Silverlight Video Gallery, here is the mini-tutorial (about 10 mins). It has two parts:

  • Use Expression Encoder 2 to create a standard Silverlight video gallery
  • Customize your video gallery in Expression Blend and save it back to Encoder as a template for future use

To follow the mini-tutorial, you need the following software:

Watch it streaming below or download it here.


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  • I need to download it, can you put a link, for the video that is

  • Hi Leny,

    You can download it at: http://silverlight.services.live.com/14017/VideoGalleryTutorial/VideoGalleryTutorial.wmv



  • Awesome thanks!!!

    I was able to quickly build a video gallery of my newborn baby with this Reflection template...

    The only thing is I was not able to have the player on my website and host only the videos on Live Streaming... too bad!

  • Laurent,

    Why can't you include the video player on your website? Once you upload to Silverlight streaming, it'll return you a "iframe" code segment, which can be embedded to web pages.


  • Ya he mencionado antes cómo crear reproductores de video basados en Silverlight utilizando Expression

  • I just want to host the video, not the app...

  • Is it possible to add an existing silverlight media file from my silverlight live account and not have to force Expression Encoder to encode the file again.

  • Hi Mrs Qixing Zheng,

    once I have created the video gallery, is it possible to programmatically (C# dll, WebService , anything ...) control the video list, in order to add/remove videos?

    If so, how?

    If NOT, then what would you suggest me as the best way to achieve this using Microsoft Expression Studio or Visual studio .NET?


  • Hi Nick,

    It's definitely possible to dynamically link the videos to the playlist with code. You may want to check out this Silverlight presentation for example: http://videos.visitmix.com/MIX08/CT02

    Thanks, Qixing

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