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February, 2012

  • Carl's Blog

    Hadoop .Net HDFS File Access (Archived)

    Updated post can be found here: If you grab the latest installment of Microsoft Distribution of Hadoop you will notice, in addition to the C library, a Managed C...
  • Carl's Blog

    FSharpChart for Valentines Day

    As I have not posted anything about FSharpChart for a while I thought I would do a quick post, one that befits Valentines Day: Plotting the heart was surprisingly easy to do: [ for x in -1.1 .. 0.001 .. 1.0 do      let y1 = abs(x)+sqrt(1.0-x**2.0)   ...
  • Carl's Blog

    Hadoop Streaming in F# and MapReduce (summary)

    With all my recent posts around Hadoop Streaming I thought it would be useful to summarize them into a single post. The main objective of these posts was to put together a codebase to enable F# developers to write Map/Reduce libraries through a simple...
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