July, 2006

  • Never doubt thy debugger

    Hello world (reloaded)


    Reloaded because I used to have an Italian blog a while ago (well… it's still there to be honest), but then professional and personal life changes kept me away from blogging… anyway, that's an old (and not interesting) story.

    I joined Microsoft a couple of years ago and since the beginning I work in the Internet Development support team in EMEA; my job is try to understand why a web application is not working as expected (or not working at all, quite often) and help customers to fix. Probably you already know a couple of my colleagues part of my team, Doug and Tess.

    In my day to day work I answer to "advisory" questions (How to I do this? Or Is there a better way to achieve that etc…), debugger problems, web controls which does not behave as expected, IIS and ASP.NET configuration issues etc… (I guess you get an idea). Often (and are the cases where I have more "fun") I work on cases where a web application consumes too memory, or too CPU, or performs badly, or crashes (be aware or what is a real crash and what is perceived to be a crash… maybe I'll discuss this later) and the best way to troubleshoot those situations is capture a memory dump with Adplus or DebugDiag and analyze it with WinDBG. Sometimes the cause of the problem is almost obvious (mostly because I've already seen it in previous cases I worked on), sometimes the problem causes headaches and require a lot of work to find out what's going wrong…

    Anyway, in this blog I'll post some of the most common errors I see in InternetDev support and their solution, along with tips and tricks based on my day to day experience and some random thoughts about technology and miscellanea; hope you find it useful! And, by the way, let me know your thoughts and comments, and if you have any topic in particular you would like me to address here (and discuss with you).

    Happy reading!


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