December, 2006

  • Never doubt thy debugger

    I've been on the move...


    ...and still I am! I moved to a new house, in a new town closer to the office (well... let's say that now I have to drive in the traffic for just a little bit more that one hour instead of more that two hours I had before...), and as you can imagine I've been quite busy with the pack/move/unpack side of this thing (and still when I'm looking for something I have to guess in which cardboard box it could be), and I'm also fighting with our Telecom company to have my new phone line and Internet connection...

    I guess this situation will go on for a while, and since Christmas is coming and every activity will stop I hope to be back online in full forces at the beginning of the new year


    UPDATE (2 January 2007) 
    Well... thanks to our Telecom Company (which we can't leave, by the way, since it's the only one supposed to work for us... ) I'm still without the phone connection at home, so no Internet connection either... too long (and probably not interesting for others) summarize the ups and downs of this story, but I feel like I'm lost in the fair of incompetency, with some amateurs pretending to be professionals! 



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