March, 2007

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    Free Sudoku Game for Windows


    A couple of years ago a friend of mine introduced me to a game called Sudoku, and immediately I loved it. As any good game its rules are very simple, basically you have to lay out the numbers from 1 to 9 horizontally in a row without repeating them, while at the same time you have to layout the same 1 to 9 numbers vertically in a column, and also within a group (a 3x3 square).

    After that, every time I had to take a flight I got addicted to buying a new puzzles magazine that would entertain me for the flight. On December 2006 while flying to Mexico I decided to change the tradition and instead build a simple Sudoku game that I could play any time I felt like doing it without having to find a magazine store and that turned into this simple game. It is not yet a great game since I haven't had time to finalize it, but I figure I would share it anyway in case someone finds it fun.

    Click Here to go to the Download Page


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    IIS Reports for IIS Manager 7


    I have just uploaded a new application that extends IIS Manager 7 for Windows Vista and Windows Longhorn Server that adds a new Reports option that gives you a few reports of the server and site activity. Its features include:

    • Reports are scoped on the object selected in IIS Manager, so if server is selected you get a server report including all Sites information, if a site is selected you only get information related to that specific site
    • Export to HTML
    • Printing support
    • Different chart options: Pie, Columns and Lines
    • Built-in Reports:
      • Status Code, Hits Per Url, Hits by Hour, User Agent, File Extensions
      • Users, Time Taken, Win32 Errors, Client Machine, Http Method

    Click Here to go to the Download Page

    IIS Reports

    I'm working on a second version that will allow you to create your own queries and configure more options like Chart settings, and ore.

    If you have any suggestions on reports that would be useful feel free to add them as comment to the post.

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