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  • Blog Post: Setting up a Reverse Proxy using IIS, URL Rewrite and ARR

    Today there was a question in the Forums asking how to expose two different Internet sites from another site making them look like if they were subdirectories in the main site. So for example the goal was to have a site: expose a and a
  • Blog Post: Calling Web Services from Silverlight using IIS 7.0 and ARR

    During this PDC I attended Ian's presentation about WPF and Silverlight where he demonstrated the high degree of compatibility that can be achieved between a WPF desktop application and a Silverlight application. One of the differences that he demonstrated was when your application consumed Web Services...
  • Blog Post: Application Request Routing and the IIS 7.0 Web Management Service

    Yesterday I was having a conversation with Anil Ruia who happens to be the ARR (Application Request Routing) developer and based on customer feedback we discussed the idea of using ARR in the context of Remote Management in IIS which solves a question that several people asked me before and thought it...
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