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  • Blog Post: Setting up a Reverse Proxy using IIS, URL Rewrite and ARR

    Today there was a question in the Forums asking how to expose two different Internet sites from another site making them look like if they were subdirectories in the main site. So for example the goal was to have a site: expose a and a
  • Blog Post: SEO made easy with IIS URL Rewrite 2.0 SEO templates

    A few weeks ago my team released the version 2.0 of the URL Rewrite for IIS . URL Rewrite is probably the most powerful Rewrite engine for Web Applications. It gives you many features including Inbound Rewriting (ie. Rewrite the URL, Redirect to another URL, Abort Requests, use of Maps, and more), and...
  • Blog Post: IIS 7.0 and URL Rewrite, make your Web Site SEO

    In the past few days I've been reading a bit about SEO and trying to understand more about what makes a Web Site be SEO (Search-Engine-Optimized) and what are some of the typical headaches when trying to achieve that as well as how we can implement them in IIS. Today I decided to post how you can...
  • Blog Post: URL Rewrite Technical Preview 1 available

    Today we are releasing a very cool feature that lots of customers have really been asking for, URL Rewrite Module is now available for download at: Download the x86 CTP version for IIS 7.0: Download the x64 CTP version for IIS...
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