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General thoughts and usage examples about WCF, ASP.NET Web API, Windows Azure Mobile Services, testing and programming in general.

About Me


About Me

I, Carlos Figueira, work at Microsoft as a Senior Software Design Engineer in Test in the Windows Azure Group. I've worked in many frameworks in the past, including Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), ASP.NET Web API and Windows Azure Mobile Services.

This blog is mostly about issues I've seen customers facing with the products I work (or worked) on (both from the forums and other customer interactions), and examples of usage of those frameworks which I think will be interesting. I try to always include code in my posts, since I think this helps the readers understand the concepts behind the posts.

My other interests include sports and food (see my other blog at To get updates from this (and the other blog) you can use an RSS aggregator, or follow my twitter account (which I use mostly to announce new blog posts) at