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  • Blog Post: Consuming REST/JSON services in Silverlight 4

    In the previous post, which talked about the new Web programming model support for SL4, I mentioned that the support for strongly-typed consumption of REST/JSON services wasn't available out of the box. This post will show how to plug additional code to WCF in Silverlight to enable that. It will make...
  • Blog Post: Consuming REST/POX services in Silverlight 4

    Silverlight 4, which was just released, comes with some functionality to consume REST/POX services with the same programming model in WCF (i.e., the functionality equivalent to the WebChannelFactory<T> in the desktop version). The support is limited to XML services (i.e., JSON is not supported...
  • Blog Post: WCF "Raw" programming model (Web)

    I've seen quite a few times in the forums people asking how to control exactly how the data returned by a WCF service. People want to use a certain format for the output of the data which isn't (natively) supported by WCF, such as XML or JSON. A few examples of questions of this nature: I want...
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