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  • Blog Post: WCF streaming inside data contracts

    (A small break from the current WCF extensibility series, as I faced this issue helping a customer this week and I thought it would be worth sharing) In order to support transferring of large messages (e.g., uploading or downloading a large file), WCF added support (since its first version) to streaming...
  • Blog Post: Using MTOM in a WCF custom encoder

    One of the out-of-the-box XML encoders for messages in WCF is the MTOM encoder. It provides an efficient way of transmitting large binary data in the body of SOAP envelopes (by *not* applying the base-64 encoding to such data, which increases its size by roughly 33%), while still being interoperable...
  • Blog Post: WCF Binary XML and dictionaries

    One of the encodings which come with WCF (since its first version, in .NET Framework 3.0) is a fast and lightweight encoding for XML documents. The WCF Binary XML format (“officially” called .NET Binary Format: XML Data Structure –
  • Blog Post: Changing prefixes in XML responses for WCF services

    When responding to requests using any of the text/XML bindings (BasicHttpBinding / WSHttpBinding / CustomBinding with a TextMessageEncodingBindingElement), WCF has some specific prefixes which it uses corresponding to a certain namespaces. The SOAP namespace (“
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