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    WordML in Reporting Services

    Although Reporting Services is almost 22 months old, I haven't found any pure render extension yet (please comment on this[:-*]). Many people ask me 'how can I export reports in Microsoft Word format?', and I usually redirect them to our BOL. But after...
  • Night Cloud Labs

    Starting again

    Hi, Let's try to write about what I read, see or think. First, I work at IW MCS Team at Spain, so I'll write about Office development and RS, although I love many other stuff. I was searching time ago apps/tools in order to manage Word documents...
  • Night Cloud Labs

    What's going on with RDL?

    I was thinking right now how was going on the different development around tools that generate RDL. Perhaps in the next Trivial Pursuit will appear Who designed Report Definition Language? and you should know it [:)] It is nice to see several projects...
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