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SharePoint Series / Infopath BDC Creator

SharePoint Series / Infopath BDC Creator

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Yesterday I started an idea that came to my mind in my trips: create an Infopath form to generate a BDC file (Application definition). The first version (v0.1) that you can download has room for improvement (coming soon :)) and It can generate only model (not resources).

The most challenging node was the TypeDescriptor, as it is a repeating recursive section (and first I forgot to clear the compatibility with forms server ;) [this control cannot be used in browser mode]) and Infopath does not represent correctly without manual action.

Thanks to Nick Dallett !

Please send me examples generated with the tool and bugs!:

Screenshoot of the tool 

 BDC InfoPath Creator




Attachment: InfoPath BDC Creator.xsn
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