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December, 2012

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About Carmelo Pulvirenti's Blog

My name is Carmelo Pulvirenti and I work in Microsoft as Senior Support Engineer at Commercial Technical Support (CTS) division. My daily activity consists to help developers and system administrators to properly develop/configure/debug their web servers by using Microsoft Technology.

The goal about this blog is to share advisory information/guidelines concerning the common mistakes that I found out on my work. I hope that it helps the online community to properly manage their environments.

A short description of myself:

  • During the last year of my degree study,  I worked in IBM as intern in order to develop and implement my thesis: “Convergence between Service Oriented Architecture and Web 2.0“
  • In 2007 a joined to Accenture as developer consultant
  • September 2008, I started my work experience with Microsoft as Support Engineer for Windows Mobile and Embedded division.
  • Since April 2011, I’m a member of the EMEA IIS and Web Developer Support Team: a different support team inside CTS organization.

Please consider that:

All posts in this blog are provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confer no rights. You assume all risk for your use.

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