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or: How I Learned to Stop Blaming Windows and Love the BSOD

August, 2005

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    SMIs Are EEEEVIL (Part 1)

    As a quick introduction, SMIs were introduced to the x86 world by the 386SL. It was created to allowed systems designers to have access to the CPU while unspecified software of any type was running. The reasons for this are obvious when you look at the...
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    Favorite Hardware Bugs <CENSORED>

    Discussing the good and bad of hardware bugs that can cause OS developers nightmares....
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    Back from a long hiatus

    Well, I sort of had to stop blogging for awhile there because I moved on to a slightly different role. I have the same job at the end of the day, but now I support more general portions of the OS, and of course one of the things I enjoy most: storage...
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