Hey folks, just in case you missed them, our esteemed developer Albert Shen has produced several screencast videos that are now posted on Channel 9. They're quick instructions on how to work with SharePoint Designer to create solutions for Office Live:

  • Office Live with SharePoint Designer - High level overview of how to work with Office Live & SPD.  This is a great place to start.
  • Using the Data Form Web Part - sometimes also called the Data View Web Part, this is a powerful tool that lives on the Office Live servers.  SharePoint Designer lets you configure it to access data sources in a variety of ways, and even lets you mash-up multiple data sources. This rocks!
  • Office Live Workflows - a helpful introduction to using Workflows in Office Live.  Also like the Data Form Web Part, Office Live allows you to configure Workflows using SharePoint Designer's Workflow Designer.  You can execute a variety of powerful actions when events (insert, update, manual) fire on lists that you designate. 

There are more to come, but these are really a great primer for developing powerful enhancements to Office Live for your customers.