Just as we were preparing to write a blog post on our team blog about a new code sample, we got scooped by microsoft-watch.com!  Joe Wilcox must have been keeping an eye on the download center and noticed the new Office Live Contact Map sample is now available. 

The sample mashes up the address information of contacts in your Microsoft Office Live Business Contact Manager with the Virtual Earth map data.  Office Live's Business Applications and Workspaces are built on top of Windows SharePoint Services v3.  So the sample uses WSS v3 web services to get the contact data out of the Contacts list and then uses the Virtual Earth APIs to retrieve a map and allow you to put pushpins in for each of your contacts.

It's really a simple sample, but we wanted to put something out there to help get developers jump started with little value-add projects like this.  Probably the most interesting piece of the sample is the javascript library that is included, olsharedlibv1.js.  It contains lots of nice functions that do the work of packaging up the SOAP requests to and from the Office Live web services.  So, not only is it useful for talking to the contacts list on Office Live, but pretty much any other Business Application or Workspace list in Office Live.

There is a more complete description on the Office Live team blog.  Check it out!

 Oh yeah, and thanks for the kind words, Joe.  Hopefully the Office Live developers out there get some value out of it.

[late breaking addition] - We even made it on Lawrence Liu's recommended reading for February with the mashup sample!  Lawrence, when are you going to add an Office Live tag on the SharePoint team's blog?