Hey folks, it's been awhile since I've posted. We're busily working on some new features for the Office Live application platform for our next release.  I'm writing specs, doing screenshots, use case diagrams, etc. etc. etc.  Hopefully we'll get some of these features out to you soon, some will be later.  If there is some burning feature request you have, please let us know!

 Anyway, the point of this post is that Office Live has a new code sample available on the Microsoft Download Center. Actually, it's been available for a little bit, but I'm just now getting around to blogging about it.  It's essentially a timecard system that works with our project manager business application.  It's really pretty simple... just a web page that you can display on an Office Live dashboard.  It lets you select a task, and then click start to clock in and stop to clock out.  It stores the start and end times for that duration in a new WSS list and associates each of those durations with the task you selected.  The task shows you the aggregated amount of time.

And we use the core libary of javascript functions developed in our first sample [contacts map] to talk to the WSS web services and read and write data into the tasks and timecard lists.  It's really a simple little add-on for Office Live, but hopefully it illustrates some of the powerful things you can create to add on to your subscription or those of customers who hire you to enhance theirs.

 You can read the official write-up about it on the Office Live team blog.