We've heard before that there are some gaps in the web services that are offered as part of Office Live. For the most part, we allow you to use many of the web services from Windows SharePoint Services v3 on which our business applications & workspaces are built. However, we had to block some of these, and some may be more difficult to use than you would like. We've also recently introduced our first major Office Live-specific web service to help you work with our authentication system, Windows Live ID.

We are evaluating if there are any major gaps that we can patch up to make the story more complete.  Here are some questions which might get help get your thoughts started:

  • What's missing? What new web services do you need?
  • What web services are blocked that you want unblocked?
  • What web services are too difficult to use?
  • Even if you don't know the web service specifically, tell us if there are scenarios where you think web services might help.

Just reply here with your comments, or use the form on my blog to contact me directly if you prefer to remain confidential.

We appreciate your help! Thanks,