Heads up, there is a new code sample that shows you how to use the Windows Live ID Client SDK and the Office Live Discovery Web service to authenticate and talk to Office Live's business applications & workspaces.  This can really open up a lot of interesting scenarios for you and your customers. 

  • Create your own smart client app that works directly with Office Live apps such as business contact manager.  Now your customers can use your app to manage the contacts, or they can log into Office Live remotely to get the same data. 
  • Use the Discovery Web to determine what Office Live subscriptions a Live ID is associated with and help your customers manage data across multiple subscriptions. 

Those are just a couple examples, but the possibilities are pretty endless.  To download the code sample, go to the download center and get the Client Application Connection sample.  To read more about the Client Application Connection code sample, watch the Office Live Blog and check out the next update of the Microsoft Office Live Developer Guide (due early April 2007).

You may also be interested in the blog post that announces the Live ID Client SDK, and you can get help with questions about the SDK on the Live ID dev forum.