A pretty cool mashup courtesy of our devs Katy and Albert (who you may be familiar with from his screencast videos). There is a complete writeup coming soon on the Office Live team blog, but since the sample is already posted, I wanted to get the word out to my blog subscribers also.  UPDATE:  Here's a link to the formal write up on the team blog.

Short version, the tool passes the addresses of contacts from your Office Live Business Contact Manager to Zillow.com's API Network and displays property estimates (aka Zestimates), charts, maps, comparables, etc. for the contact you select. 

It's a very simple scenario, but the underlying concept of having a Contact Management store in the cloud accessible from any computer with an internet connection and that can integrate easily with other services for value added scenarios, that's pretty cool.  OK, I am a geek.

Thanks David and Mark at Zillow for your help.