Our platform team has a couple training sessions coming up in the next few weeks that some of you may be interested in participating in.  Don Campbell posted more information on his blog, but the short version is that we have 2 sessions, one in Boston June 5th and the other in Silicon Valley on June 11th.

 Don and Rohit put these sessions together, and I had a chance to see some of the curriculum.  It looks pretty interesting, so if you are in either area, you should definitely consider checking it out.  If you were able to make it to Mix 07, Rohit is the guy who presented an end-to-end solution that he developed with Office Live. 

Perhaps even more interesting, there are some pretty cool prizes for participating and registering solutions in the Office Live Marketplace.  Can you say Office 2007 Professional?  Zune?  Check out Don's blog for the details!  And I think the price is right too, something like "free"?