I caught up with a former coworker of mine who left Microsoft to do a startup last fall. His company, TalentSpring.com has finally come out of "stealth mode" where their patent applications are filed and they start doing the PR announcements.

 If you haven't heard of them yet, TalentSpring are another one of the class of web 2.0 that are, to a degree, crowdsourcing the work of rating resumes and recruiting.  Here's the recent announcement on their blog.  As a job candidate, when you upload your resume, it asks you to rate a few related resumes.  The expected outcome is that the best resumes for even niche industry will be much easier to find, based on the ratings of other experts in the area.  Recruiters would subscribe to this service, similar to other HR sites, however they would get hopefully much more qualified set of resumes to skim over instead of the avalanche of unqualified candidates that seems to be typical with most job openings.

 This is a pretty fascinating proposition, and also potentially very time-saving and lucrative.  The current recruitment web sites don't seem to have very rich algorithms for searching, sorting or rating resumes.  TalentSpring certainly does, which gives it a huge advantage. The strength of the service is also the weakness. It does count on the ratings of the crowd, and that means you may be be susceptible to some scams and even worse, without a crowd, there's no ratings.

 Anyway, just putting in a plug here for Brian.  Submit your resume and see what you think.