If you worked with federations, I am sure you are already know about the online tools like SQL Azure Management Portal that give you the ability to orchestrate your federations with repartitioning operations or resize member MAXSIZE and edition.

In episode #69 on Cloud Cover, George and Wade cover moving schema and data between SQL Server, SQL Azure databases with Federations! So you can move SQL Server databases to SQL Azure Federation, or single scale-up SQL Azure databases to SQL Azure Federations or simply transfer, move data between SQL Azure Federations. All these are possible with the well known community tool : SQL Azure Migration Wizard. What is great is the code is available on codeplex and the tool generates the scripts you can run from command line for you. You don’t get the great retry logic or the parallelism with that SQL Azure Migration Wizard provides when you do that however…

There is one more good news in all this; George does not cover this in his talk but, you can also use SQL Azure Migration Wizard to perform the missing MERGE repartitioning operation manually. There is an article that is coming on that topic soon. You simply export a member, then DROP the existing member that has been exported. Then import the data back in. Fantastic!

Well here is the episode; watch if for yourself;

Cloud Cover Episode #69