Today SQL Server 2012 is released to web and now we have a new set of bits that provide great enterprise class data management capabilities that stretches the boundaries of SQL Server to the public and private cloud. With SQL Server 2012, moving back and forth between cloud and on premise existence is much easier.

SQL Server 2012 tooling is one of the stories that is easy to miss within the 100s of additions and improvements we have in this release. SQL Azure obviously has a set of online tools you can use – SQL Azure Management Portal simplifies life if you are purely in the cloud but for most of us the story is a hybrid deployment. Some parts on premise and others in the cloud in those scenarios, SQL Server Management Studio is the key tool! This post can help you get up to speed on how scale-out gets easier with Management Studio capabilities around Federations.

If you’d like to get a fresh overview of federations; the why and the how, here is a quick link to the video that is part of the SQL Server 2012 Launch.

Enjoy the new set of bits and make sure to play with federations using management studio/.