Story of Federations: How the idea turned into a product?

Story of Federations: How the idea turned into a product?

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I truly hate watching myself on the screen but this is for a good cause Smile. We tell the story of the product through the documentation, blogs, tweets and more but we don’t spend enough time to tell you much about how we get there, unless you personally know one of us in these buildings. How does the idea development process work in SQL building? How does the idea move from the individual that sparks it to the larger circle of supporting team? What is the ‘vetting’ process like?

If you have been reading this blog, you already know that I have been campaigning hard for federations the last few years. Recently, the customer team asked me to tell the story of how the idea went from a concept to delivery. What the journey from paper to customer scenarios, to architecture details to implementation to deployment was like for federations? How it expanded its support circle in these buildings as more and more people saw the light Smile? How it went through the ‘poke’ phase and reached the finish line defending all 3 key corners: business, experience and technology. All good questions: so I did…

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