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About this "Chris Bowen" Guy


About this "Chris Bowen" Guy

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Here's a bit about me.  First, the standard short bio:

Chris Bowen (@ChrisBowen) is a Principal Technical Evangelist with Microsoft, based in the Boston area and specializing in Windows 8, HTML5, and game development.  An architect and developer with over 20 years in the industry, he joined Microsoft after holding senior technical positions at companies including, VistaPrint, and Staples.  He is coauthor of two books (with Addison-Wesley and WROX) and holds an M.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Management Information Systems, both from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Put another way, my role involves doing a ton of research to stay deep in the latest developer technology & tools, educating customers on those topics, working with user groups and other community organizations, serving as a pipeline between the various Microsoft development teams and our customers, and in general fostering a great development community.

I'm certainly passionate about computers, programming, and technology, but I also enjoy craft beer (I'm also a homebrewer), PC and XBox gaming, golf (though I'm not good at it), music, reading and, above all, time with my wife and our two daughters.

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P.S.  Here are links to those books that kept me up for many late nights...

Essential WCF   Professional Visual Studio 2005 Team System