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Microsoft Growing in Cambridge, MA

Microsoft Growing in Cambridge, MA

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We'll be expanding our available space in the Boston area by way of One Memorial Drive, Cambridge:

One Memorial Drive"Microsoft will be leasing 136,000 square feet in the 17-story high-rise office tower, overlooking the Charles River, in addition to the 46,000 square feet the Redmond, Wash., company agreed in April to lease for employees of Softricity, a Boston company it acquired last summer."

Definitely a positive development for Microsoft in New England.

Now I'll have more excuses to swing by my favorite Cambridge haunts - L.A. Burdick, East Coast Grill, Mr. Bartley's... Oh, and customers, of course.  :)

Update - Chris Brookins commented to provide a link to a great video of the view from inside One Memorial Drive.


  • We work in this space now - click the URL to see what a day looks like from our offices now.  We'll miss this view when we move out!

  • Thanks for the video link, Chris!  Very nice!

  • Chris,

    Great news about your growing in the Cambridge Market.

    Wow, thanks for the video lind, it is awesome. Great Company, great people.

  • As I've mentioned before, Microsoft is in the process of moving/growing groups to a great new location

  • Some exciting news for New England. Microsoft Research has just announced that the One Memorial Drive,

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