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Major Visual Studio 2008 Announcements Today

Major Visual Studio 2008 Announcements Today

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We've taken the wraps off some big announcements related to Visual Studio 2008.  As Soma mentions on his blog, he made the announcements at TechEd Developer Europe today.

The highlights:

And more.  Read Soma's post for the full details.

Mary Jo Foley has some coverage as well and there a press release accompanying the announcements.


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  • Any word if there is going to be a Boston release event at the World Trade Center like last time?

  • Hi Brian,

    The team is still finalizing plans around the launch cycle, so while there's no word on anything except the main event in L.A. on 2/27, you know I'll be one of the first to blog if there's something to say for the northeast.  :)


  • Cool... because last time free Visual Studio DVDs were quite the prize ;)

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