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  • Blog Post: Boston Area WebsiteSpark and BizSpark Meetup Groups

    Whether you’ve joined, are interested in, or have never heard of the Microsoft WebsiteSpark or BizSpark programs, there are two new groups in Boston to help you learn more and connect with others. These programs are available to help web developers and designers (WebsiteSpark) or software startups (BizSpark...
  • Blog Post: WebsiteSpark – A Jumpstart for Web Development and Design Companies

    Having just posted about a Boston-area opportunity for BizSpark companies , I realized I hadn’t yet mentioned the new WebsiteSpark program , so… WebsiteSpark Similar to BizSpark , WebsiteSpark is a new program for web development/design companies and offers (from the FAQ ): The program helps Web Pros...
  • Blog Post: Windows 7 Incubation Week Boston – October 5

    After other successful Microsoft BizSpark Incubation Weeks, it’s good to have another coming to the Boston area. Microsoft BizSaprk Incubation Week Boston will be from October 5th through the 9th at the Microsoft Technology Center in Waltham, MA. This will be an opportunity for BizSpark startups to learn...
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