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    Code Camp 8 Update



    We're one week from Code Camp 8 and things are looking great!  We've had a wonderful response from speakers and contributors, helping to make this (free) community event one of the best!

    When and Where

    • Saturday, September 29th:
      • 8:30 -- Registration
      • 9:00 - 6:00 -- Sessions
      • 7:00 (ish) - Late -- Geek Event
    • Sunday, September 30th:
      • 8:30 -- Registration
      • 9:00 - 4:00 -- Sessions

    Microsoft Offices, 201 Jones Road, 6th Floor, Waltham, MA

    Register at

    Schedule Coming Tuesday

    The detailed room & session schedule will be assembled on Tuesday, so keep an eye on this blog or on site for details.

    In the meantime, you can view the current list of sessions.

    Thank You to Our Speakers!

    We've had great speaker support from the community.  There are 26 speakers giving about 40 technical sessions.  Thank you to everyone for giving your time and effort to speak! 

    Here's the current speaker roster:

    • Andy Beaulieu (NY),  Leader – CNY .NET User Group
    • Chris Bowen
    • Dave Burke (VT)
    • Allan da Costa Pinto (CT)
    • Michael Cummings
    • Ben Day,  Leader – Beantown .NET User Group
    • David Edson (WA)
    • Bob Familiar
    • Bruce Ganek
    • Robert Hurlbut, Leader – Boston Arch. Study Group
    • Charles Hyman
    • Julie Lerman (VT), Leader - VT .NET User Group
    • Jesse Liberty, Noted Speaker and Author (of numerous developer titles)
    • Anthony Lombardo (NY)
    • Adam Machanic, Leader – NE SQL User Group
    • Todd Mancini
    • Michael de la Maza, Leader – C# Day
    • Mark Mullin
    • Tim Ng (WA), Sr. Dev. Lead, VB Team, Microsoft
    • Andy Novick, Leader - VB Professionals User Group
    • Fritz Onion (ME), Trainer, Speaker, and Author of "Essential ASP.NET 2.0"
    • Chris Pels (RI), Leader – Boston .NET User Group
    • Richard Hale Shaw, MVP and Noted Speaker
    • Steve Simon
    • Paul Swider
    • Max Weber

    Again, a huge THANK YOU in advance to everyone for volunteering their time and expertise to the community!

    Long-Distance Speaker Travel "Awards"

    Sincere thanks to everyone who is speaking.  I'd also like to recognize two people in particular who are making the trip to visit us all the way from the west coast:

    • David Edson - David is one of the top Visio developers in the U.S. and is giving a technical session on coding with Visio's object model to automate data visualization.  With David's experience, this session promises to be very interesting!
    • Timothy Ng - Tim is Senior Dev. Lead on the Visual Basic team with Microsoft and is running two intermediate/advanced sessions on LINQ and VB.  It's not often that we can hook a product team person to visit us in New England, so I hope you'll have a chance to see or speak with Tim.

      Saturday Evening Geek Event

      I just blogged the details of the traditional Saturday evening Geek Event.  We'll be gathering at the Waltham Westin hotel's lobby bar after Saturday's sessions end for some food, drink, and conversation. 

      Everyone is welcome for this informal gathering and I hope you can join us!

      Thanks to Our Contributors

      Helping make the Code Camp possible, we've had especially strong support from contributors this time around. 

      As you may know, Code Camps do not work with sponsors (i.e. putting names up on slides with booths and banners everywhere,) but rather "contributors", who simply give materials or funding to help these community events, with no expectations in return.

      The following companies are contributing to Code Camp 8:

      • ASP.NET Pro Magazine
      • Atalasoft
      • Code Magazine
      • Infragistics
      • Magenic
      • Microsoft
      • Telerik
      • Wiley/WROX

      Please join me in thanking them for their community support!

      Special Sunday Lunch Session

      Richard Hale Shaw is offering to run a lunchtime "workshop" session on Sunday for people interested in practical approaches to LINQ.  Richard will take requests in advance for queries you'd like to see translated into LINQ and will walk through them in this 1/2 hour workshop.  See the session description for details on how to submit your ideas.  (There will be a prize for the best query!)

      Looking forward to a great Code Camp this weekend!  See you there!



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      Code Camp 8 - Saturday Evening Geek Event


      We are ON for the long-standing tradition of meeting over at the lobby bar at the Waltham Westin Saturday evening after Code Camp ends for the day.

      What:  Code Camp 8 Geek Event
      Saturday, September 29th
      Time:  After sessions end (people tend to start strolling in after 7) until they kick us out
      Place:  Lobby Bar at the Waltham Westin hotel (close to CC8 with plenty of parking in their garage)
      Who:  Everyone!

      It's basically a nice chance to unwind and chat with other Code Camp attendees and speakers over some food and drink.

      A nod to Jason Haley, who as I recall originated the idea back with Code Camp II as a blogger event.  Jason now lives in Seattle and unfortunately can't make it out for this Code Camp. 

      We'll raise a glass in your honor, Jason!


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      The September Roadshow is Underway



      On the Road Again

      The first Roadshow stop is tomorrow, so Bob and I are revving up the engine, packing up the stuff, and heading out on the road.  There's still time to register for one of these stops:

      Free Pass and Book!

      Not that our amazing content and world-class senses of humor aren't enough, but we've arranged to have free passes to ReMix '07 Boston for all Roadshow attendees!  PLUS, just because we love to lug around heavy boxes, we're giving every attendee a copy of the book "Introducing LINQ"!

      Now even if I didn't work for Microsoft, I'd still think that's a pretty decent deal for free...

      See you on the road!



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      Silverlight Announcements - 1.0 Live, Linux support


      Some fantastic news out this week.  Silverlight 1.0 is now live!

      If that weren't enough, we've announced a formal partnership with Novell to bring Silverlight to Linux distributions via the project known as Moonlight.

      There's no point in adding more detail here, just don't miss reading these two posts to get the perspectives from Microsoft and Novell:

      Certainly, this will make ReMix07 Boston all the more interesting to attend!



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      ReMix '07 Conference in Boston, October 8-9



      Here's one more reason it's good to be in New England.  Based on the concept of Mix '07 in Las Vegas, ReMix '07 Boston will be on October 8th and 9th at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge.  The conference, for web developers and designers, will have a keynote from Brad Abrams and will have multiple tracks of sessions on topics like AJAX, Virtual Earth, .Net 3.0/3.5, Expression and Visual Studio.

      The northeast is well-represented in the sessions, with Fritz Onion, Richard Hale Shaw, Julie Lerman and Andy Beaulieu scheduled to give talks.  I'm joining in the fun and giving a session on Monday about VS2008 and ASP.NET AJAX development.

      RoadshowBannerReMix already has a pretty low price ($299), but if you can make it to one of our Bob & Chris' MSDN Roadshow events from September 10-20, we'll give you a pass to attend for free!

      Even if you can't attend the Roadshow, I have a code I can pass along to you, my blog-reading audience, that will take $100 off the price.  Go to and register with the code "RM07INTB" for $199.

      Look me up if you're there!


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      Webcast Series for Becoming a Better Developer


      Ignite Your Career

      Here's a chance to take a step back from the technology treadmill and consider your career.

      John Bristowe posts that my colleagues with Microsoft Canada are hosting a series of 5 webcasts, not on technology X or Y, but on the fundamentals of being a more effective developer and managing your career. 

      They have some excellent speakers lined up for the webcasts which run from September 11th through October 9th.

      1. Becoming a Better Developer - September 11
      2. Building your Skill Set - September 18
      3. Discovering your Trusted Resources - September 25 
      4. Becoming your own Boss - October 2
      5. Creating your Startup Business - October 9

      Details and registration.

      Of course, some tips may be specifically for Canadian-based developers, but I'm sure all developers regardless of technology and location would find these worthwhile.


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      Upcoming Northeast Developer Events (September Edition)


      Summer is at its end, so I'm resuming my periodic roundup of upcoming user group meetings and other events for developers in the northeast.

      Know of other events or user group meetings?  Please let me know!


      September 4, 6-9 PM
      Fairfield/Westchester .NET User Group - UConn, Stamford, CT
      "Building Custom Code Generation Tools for Visual Studio 2005" - Lenni Lobel

      September 11, 6-8 PM
      South CT .NET SIG - Shelton, CT
      "Workflow Foundation" - Jim Crone

      September 17, 9-4 PM
      Bob & Chris' MSDN Roadshow - Hartford, CT
      Dynamic Languages | Practical Silverlight | Visual Studio Tips | Leveraging Services

      October 2, 6-9 PM
      Fairfield/Westchester .NET User Group - UConn, Stamford, CT
      "AJAX" - Bill Zach


      September 4, 6:15 - 8:30 PM
      New England Visual Basic Professionals - Waltham, MA
      "Office Groove 2007" - William Aboujaoude

      September 4, 6-8 PM
      Western Mass .NET Users Group - Easthampton, MA
      Topic TBD

      September 6, 6-8 PM
      Beantown .NET User Group - Boston, MA
      "WCF: State of the Service?" - Richard Hale Shaw

      September 12, 5:30 - 8:30
      Boston .NET User Group - Waltham, MA
      Topic TBD

      September 13, 8:30 - 4 PM
      C# Day - Waltham, MA
      Registration Full! [Check back for October and November offerings]

      September 13, 6:30 PM
      New England SQL Server User Group - Waltham, MA
      "SQL Server 2008:  What's New?" - Aaron Bertrand

      September 20, 9-4 PM
      Bob & Chris' MSDN Roadshow - Waltham, MA
      Dynamic Languages | Practical Silverlight | Visual Studio Tips | Leveraging Services

      September 21, 5:30 - 7:30 PM
      Team System Public User Group - Waltham, MA
      Topic TBD

      September 25, 6:00 - 7:30 PM
      New England SharePoint User Group - Waltham, MA
      Topic TBD

      September 26, 6:00 PM
      Cape Cod .NET User Group - Bourne, MA
      Topic TBD

      CodeCampSeptember 29th & 30th
      Code Camp 8: Rise of the Silverlight Surfer - Waltham, MA
      Hundreds of attendees.  Two full days of sessions.  Community.  Networking.

      October 2, 6-8 PM
      Western Mass .NET Users Group - Easthampton, MA
      Topic TBD

      October 4, 6-8 PM
      Beantown .NET User Group - Boston, MA
      Topic TBD - Chris Bowen

      October 4, 6:15 - 8:30 PM
      New England Visual Basic Professionals - Waltham, MA
      "LINQ" - Shawn Wildermuth


      September 13, 6-8:30 PM
      Maine Bytes User Group - Portland, ME
      [Topic TBA]

      September 18, 9-4 PM
      Bob & Chris' MSDN Roadshow - Portland, ME
      Dynamic Languages | Practical Silverlight | Visual Studio Tips | Leveraging Services

      New Hampshire

      September 12, 7:00 PM
      New Hampshire SQL Users Group - Nashua, NH
      Topic TBD

      New York (Upstate)

      September 12, 9-4 PM
      Bob & Chris' MSDN Roadshow - Rochester, NY
      Dynamic Languages | Practical Silverlight | Visual Studio Tips | Leveraging Services

      September 26, 6:00 - 8:30 PM
      VDUNY - Visual Developers of Upstate NY - Rochester, NY
      "What's New in Visual Studio 2008?" - Chris Bowen

      September 5, 6:00 PM
      Central New York .NET Developer Group - East Syracuse, NY
      "Playing with Silverlight 1.1" - Andy Beaulieu

      September 11, 6:30 PM
      Tech Valley .NET Users Group - Latham, NY
      "SQLCLR:  Running .NET Code Inside SQL Server" - Alex Silverstein

      Rhode Island

      September 12, 6:00 - 9:00 PM
      Southern New England SQL Server User Group, Warwick, RI
      "SQL Server 2008 New Features" - Aaron Bertrand


      September 10, 9-4 PM
      Bob & Chris' MSDN Roadshow - Burlington, VT
      Dynamic Languages | Practical Silverlight | Visual Studio Tips | Leveraging Services

      September 17, 6:00 - 8:30
      Vermont .NET User Group - Burlington, VT
      "Dynamic SOA Service in WCF" - Mark Mullin

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      IronPython and Silverlight Resources


      This is a long-overdue follow-up to my visit with the Cambridge Python Meetup Group.  I had a great time speaking with the group about Silverlight, IronPython and dynamic languages. 

      Here are the resources I showed or that we discussed during the session:


      IronPython and the DLR



      Thanks to the group for being an excellent audience and to Peter Marquez for being a great host!


      P.S.  For those of you interested in IronPython and dynamic languages, attend our next Roadshow (from 9/10-9/20) where I'll be spending one of the sessions covering those very topcs!


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      C# Day Returns on September 13th


      Michael de la Maza is returning to Waltham, MA to run a 3rd "C# Day" event.  Previous C# Days have been great opportunities for attendees to become familiar with the C# language using an approach quite different from standard lecture-focused events.

      Here's a description from the C# Day home page:

      "Join us for a relaxed, no cost introduction to C# programming. By engaging in participatory activities, you will learn some of the most common and powerful features of the C# language. This day is not lecture-based. There will be fewer than 60 minutes of lecture material -- almost all of the time will be spent on participant-guided activities. Everyone who attends will learn what interests them at their own pace in a relaxed, tension-free environment with an experienced C# developer and trainer available to answer questions."
      Here's a summary post from the first C# Day event in June.

      RSVPs are required, so please head to for more details and to register.


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      Bob & Chris' MSDN Roadshow - September Edition!





      We're at it again!  My colleague Bob and I are heading out for round three of our Roadshow.  It (and we) will run from September 10th through the 20th, sweeping through the following cities, leaving a wake of toppled water glasses and technical enlightenment in its path:

      • Burlington, VT
      • Rochester, NY
      • Hartford, CT
      • Portland, ME
      • Waltham, MA

      (Note that we've changed the Nashua, NH stop to Waltham, MA.)


      Our Roadshow is a series of free full-day events featuring thoroughly technical content about both current and cutting edge technology in a location near* you (*assuming you live/work near one of the cities we're visiting.)  We consider each of the four sessions to be "300-level" depth and strive to give you the "why and why not" in addition to the "how".  Plus, we get to throw things at you.  No, really.


      Registration is required and for some cities has been known to fill up.  See below for the full session descriptions and registration links.


      See you on the road!



      IntroducingLINQ UPDATE (8/23) - I can't promise anything at this point, but we're in the process of ordering a large quantity of the MS Press title "Introducing Microsoft LINQ" and expect to be able to give every attendee of our roadshow a copy. 

      [The usual yada yada applies - we might run out, we might not get them in time, our backs might give out and we can't carry them, etc.]





      Bob Familiar and Chris Bowen are two guys who love to write code and can’t stop talking about it. Now they’re back on the road, taking their long-winded rants and questionable demos to a city near you.  Join them for a day of deep technology, code aplenty, and the best humor they can manage.



      A Tasteful Blend of Satisfying Technology
      8:30 – 9:00 

      Arrive, check in, grab some coffee and a seat

      9:00 - 9:05 Announcements and Introduction
      9:05 – 10:25

      Coding in a Dynamic World

      Clinging to static ways?  Relax your grip a little and take a look into the world of dynamic languages.  There’s been a lot of talk, but what are they, and most importantly, what do they mean for you and your development efforts today?  In this session, we’ll introduce the concepts behind dynamic languages and the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR).  You’ll see how features such as dynamic types, method dispatch, and code generation in current dynamic languages like IronPython and future ones such as IronRuby and VBx offer effective new options for your designs and implementations.

      10:25 – 10:35 

      Take a break and show your dynamic personality to fellow attendees

      10:35 – 12:00  Practical Silverlight

      Silverlight is cool but why would I use it and how does it fit into my existing web applications?  How do you setup a Silverlight development environment?  Can designers and developers really collaborate using Blend and Visual Studio?  What impact will Silverlight have on my production environment?  How can I build applications using Silverlight that invoke web services?  These questions will be answered in another session.  This one is about COM+.  Just kidding.

      12:00 – 12:45

      You’ve seen the (silver) light, now see about some lunch

      12:45 – 2:10

      Developer Productivity Tips and Tricks for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008

      You might be spending hours each day working with Visual Studio, tragically only a few keystrokes or menu options away from better ways of doing the same work.  This session will help you become a more productive developer and architect with Visual Studio.  We'll focus on tips, tricks, and hidden gems that are available in both the 2005 and 2008 versions of Visual Studio, but of course you just know we'll throw in a few 2008-only teasers as well…


      2:10 – 2:25 Enjoy an efficient break
      2:25 – 3:45

      Software as a Service, Software + Services, Service with a Smile, Can I Get Some Service, Where is the Waiter?

      This session will introduce the concepts behind Software + Services, and what that means in a practical sense as you architect and develop new systems.  We’ll talk about leveraging web services, either your own or third-party ones such as, to create compelling service-enabled systems and mashups leveraging assets such as maps, photos, rich media, contacts, search and other services.

      3:45 – 4:00 Wrap Up, Evals, and Free Books



      Location Date Time Registration 
      Sheraton Burlington Hotel Sept. 10th, 2007 8:30-4:00 Register! 
      870 Williston Road  
      Burlington, Vermont Event ID:
      RIT INN & Conference Center Sept. 12th, 2007 8:30-4:00 Register! 
      5257 West Henrietta Road  
      W. Henrietta, New York Event ID:
      Sheraton Hartford Hotel  Sept. 17th, 2007 8:30-4:00 Register! 
      100 East River Drive  
      Hartford, Connecticut Event ID:
      MESDA Sept. 18th, 2007 8:30-4:00 Register!
      506 Main Street   
      Westbrook, Maine Event ID:
      Microsoft Corporation Sept. 20th, 2007 8:30-4:00 Register! 
      201 Jones Road, 6th Floor  
      Waltham, Massachusetts Event ID:


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      Job Openings with Microsoft SoftGrid in Cambridge


      As I've mentioned before, Microsoft is in the process of moving/growing groups to a great new location in the Cambridge area.  Microsoft SoftGrid is one of the groups moving into that space on 1 Memorial Drive on September 24th.

      The SoftGrid team has a bunch of Software Development job openings available - Dev Manager, Lead Test Engineer, Software Engineers, Sustaining Engineers and Test Engineers. )

      Here's a link to the details:

      If you're interested, send your resume to:

      Lauren Day
      Staffing Consultant- SoftGrid/MSD/Forefront
      27 Melcher Street 3rd Floor, Boston MA 02210
      [moving to 1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge on 9/24/07]
      Direct: 617-896-5601 EST
      Home office: 978-686-2234 EST

      For more information about SoftGrid, take a look at:


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      Upcoming Professional Developer Training Courses


      As Summer draws to an end, developer training courses are gearing back up.  Here are some third-party training options coming to the New England area:

      DevelopMentor's Essential .NET 2.0 with C#

      August 20 - 24, Boston, MA
      "You will leave this course with a clear view of what .NET does (and does not) do, and how to start designing and building robust applications that take maximum advantage of the platform while avoiding common traps and pitfalls."

      DevelopMentor's Essential BizTalk Server 2006

      August 27 - 31, Boston, MA
      "For developers who have experience with .NET, XML and Web Services and want to learn how to use BizTalk 2006 to build application integrations."

      DevelopMentor's Essential Windows Presentation Foundation

      August 27 - 31, Boston, MA
      "Learn to use WPF to write compelling user interfaces that include documents, media, and user interaction and be able to take advantage of the new features of the platform including XAML, styling, templates and commands."

      Wintellect's Mastering .NET Debugging

      August 29-30, Online Course with John Robbins
      "Mastering .NET Debugging teaches an approach to debugging that has proven to help companies ship better code faster.  Additionally, the course gives you the leg up necessary to truly take advantage of the new debuggers and tools in Visual Studio .NET 2005 so you have a better chance of successfully deploying your first applications.  Finally, this course discusses performance tuning in the .NET environment"

      Wintellect's Advanced ASP.NET 2.0 and ASP.NET AJAX

      September 12-13, Online Course with Jeff Prosise
      "Beneath the surface of ASP.NET 2.0 are numerous features such as expression builders, virtual path providers, and asynchronous pages that many developers have never heard of.  These features are augmented by ASP.NET AJAX.  Take your ASP.NET expertise to the next level by learning about key (and often undocumented) ASP.NET extensibility points and programming models, and by learning how to add AJAX magic to your web apps."

      DevelopMentor's Programming C#

      September 17 - 21, Boston, MA
      "This course provides in-depth knowledge of the C# language and an introduction to the .NET platform. Mastery of the language syntax lets you spend your time building applications instead of fighting the compiler."

      Ted Pattison Group's Great SharePoint Adventure

      September 17-21, Boston, MA
      "The first half of GSA focuses on Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS) where students learn how develop fundamental WSS building blocks such as Features, application pages, site pages, Web Parts, custom list types, site columns, content types, custom workflows, site definitions and solution packages. The second half of the week focuses on developing with SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) where students learn how to assemble and configure business solutions by using and extending the portal and web content management features of MOSS as well as other server-side services such as the Business Data Catalog, Forms Services, Excel Services and Report Center."

      Pluralsight's Double Feature: WCF+WF at the Microsoft Technology Center

      September 24 - 28, Microsoft Technology Center, Waltham, MA
      "Limited training time? Need to learn more than one technology? Come learn about WCF and WF from two top experts, Aaron Skonnard and Matt Milner."

      DevelopMentor's .NET Architecture & Design 2.0

      September 24 - 28, Boston, MA
      "Through discussion, demonstration and hands-on experience, this class provides essential and practical information for designers and senior developers building robust, reliable, high-performance distributed .NET applications."

      Wildermuth/Dunn Silverlight Tour

      October 3-5, Boston, MA
      "The Silverlight Workshop is a soup-to-nuts breakdown of Silverlight. This includes learning the ins and outs of XAML, hosting in the browser, the tools and using Silverlight on the server. The class utilizes Silverlight 1.0 RC and Silverlight 1.1 Alpha as well as the latest toolset from Microsoft (including Visual Studio 2008 and Expression Studio)."

      Pluralsight's Double Feature: ASP.NET AJAX + Silverlight

      October 22 - 26, Microsoft Technology Center, Waltham, MA
      "Limited training time? Need to learn more than one technology? Come learn about ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight from two top experts, Fritz Onion and Ian Griffiths."


      [Update 8/27 - Added Wintellect's online offerings.]
      [Update 8/31 - Added Ted Pattison Group offering.]

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      Code Camp 8 Registration and Call for Speakers Open!



      We're live and ready (thanks, Chris Pels!)  Attendee registration and the Call for Speakers are both now open for Code Camp 8: Rise of the Silverlight Surfer!

      The Details

      JonesRoad Code Camp 8: Rise of the Silverlight Surfer will be held at the Microsoft offices in Waltham, MA on the weekend of September 29th and 30th.  Registration at 8:30 AM, sessions start at 9:00.  As always, it's a completely free event (and you'll probably walk away with some swag as well.)

      What's a Code Camp?  They are learning and networking events driven by and for the local developer community.  There's no set agenda for what kind of sessions can be submitted (despite the attempt at humor with the Silverlight subtitle) - you and your fellow developers and architects define the content.  See the Code Camp Manifesto for more and scan the summary of Code Camp 7 for an idea of what you might see at CC8.

      Register to Attend

      Registration is required, so head to and click the "Register" link for Code Camp 8.  We recommend you first create an account or login to your existing one, which will give you access to site resources, including downloads of presentation materials.

      Call for Speakers

      Speakers are the life blood of Code Camps and Code Camps are one of the best ways to break into the speaking circuit.  There's no stodgy selection committee for reviewing session submissions - if you have an idea and are willing to talk about it, you'll get a room!

      For an idea of what kind of sessions a Code Camp may have, look at the list from Code Camp 7.  (Note that if you're signed in, you can download presentation materials as well.)

      So, want to help out by speaking?  Here's how to make it happen:

      1. Sign in to an existing account or create a new one at site.
      2. Complete a Speaker Registry profile (if you don't already have one.)
      3. Head to the Code Camps home page.
      4. Next to the CC8 entry, you should see a "Submit a Session" link.
      5. Fill out the form and submit.  As many sessions as you'd like.
      6. Please ensure that you also register as an attendee.

      Again, Code Camp can't happen without you, so thank you!

      Call for Contributors

      Especially in New England with our two-day format, Code Camps rely on contributors to donate giveaways and funding for food to help make the event happen.  Please let me know if your company is interested in becoming a contributor for Code Camp 8.

      Code Camp Organization and Planning

      Want to help?  We'd appreciate it!  Send me a note using the Contact form on this blog.

      Looking forward to another great event!


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      Office 2007 Document Inspector


      I have a new favorite feature in Office 2007.  I often need to send documents to contacts, but I want to ensure there's no extra information tagging along for the ride (revision history, document properties, speaker notes in PowerPoint, etc.) 

      You used to have to resort to macros or manual removal, but in Office 2007, there's a built-in tool called the Office System Document Inspector that will cleanse Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents of comments, annotations, history, etc.

      To launch the Inspector, click the "big office button" in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, choose "Prepare", then Inspect Document:


      The Document Inspector will then display, with options that vary based on the type of document you've opened.  For example, in PowerPoint you'll see:


      Choose which information you'd like to find and remove, then click Inspect.  The Office Developer Center has more information on this tool.

      Hope you find this useful!


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      Code Camp 8: The Rise of the Silverlight Surfer



      The fall is rapidly approaching, and with that comes another fantastic weekend of code, technology, and developer community called Code Camp.  Save the dates of September 29th and 30th for Code Camp 8: "The Rise of the Silverlight Surfer" (thanks to Andy Beaulieu for the name!)  As always, CC will be held at the Microsoft offices in Waltham, MA.

      For now, just save the dates, but Registration and Call for Speakers will be coming soon!

      With the incredible amount of new technology emerging, this is clearly going to be an excellent Code Camp!  If you haven't been to a one before, check out the Code Camp Manifesto as well as the summary of Code Camp 7.


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      Speaking on WF at NE VB Professionals User Group Tonight (8/2)


      Just a reminder that I'll be speaking with the New England Visual Basic Professionals User Group in Waltham tonight (8/2) from 6:15 to 8:30.  By request, I'll run through the basics of Workflow Foundation, then we'll devote the remainder of the meeting to more intermediate topics such as persistence and host/workflow communications.


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      Controls and Control Libraries for Silverlight


      Though the jury is still out on what controls we'll see in or alongside Silverlight 1.1 when it's released, there are a number of reusable controls and libraries emerging to help make development more efficient and familiar to developers used to WinForms and WebForms style programming.

      Of course, if others made the above controls, you can create your own as well:


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      A Guide to the Newly-Released Developer Updates


      Though I managed to sneak away for some vacation time this week, it's clearly been a busy time for the product teams.  Here's a summary of the recently-released betas and updates with links for more information: 


      Details on Tim Sneath's blog.
      Here's a useful guide to the Silverlight versions and supporting tools.


      Both include support for Silverlight 1.0 RC.
      Details on the Expression Site.

      Visual Studio & .NET Framework

      Now include "Go Live" license.
      Full details in Scott Guthrie's post.
      Scott Hanselman (BTW, now a Microsoft employee) has a simplified installation guide.

      ASP.NET Futures

      Includes Silverlight support (asp:Media, asp:Xaml), AJAX extensions, application services, dynamic language support, and dynamic data controls.
      Soma describes the release on his blog.
      More details on Brad Abrams' blog (second half of the post).

      Ajax Control Toolkit

      Update to support the Beta 2's of VS2008 and .NET 3.5.
      Details on Delay's blog.


      John Lam has the details.
      Scott Guthrie has a helpful introduction/tutorial.


      Dino Viehland's announcement [via]


      Don Syme's announcement of v1.9.2.7
      Don Syme with the full release notes
      F# Overview (i.e. why you may be interested)

      Enjoy your explorations!


    • Chris Bowen's Blog

      Congratulations to Jesse Liberty


      Not sure how I missed this news until now, but Joe Stagner mentions that Jesse Liberty, noted author, speaker, and technologist, has joined Microsoft!  Jesse is now a Senior Program Manager on the Silverlight development team.

      It turns out Jesse announced this a few weeks ago on his blog:

      "As part of my job, I will be creating new avenues of communication about Silverlight, both here, and of course through sites and portals and who-knows-what-else at Microsoft. Stay tuned… much to come very quickly, I suspect."

      Jesse has always been well respected for his excellent books, but he has also been a great contributor to the New England development community - frequently speaking at user group meetings and other events.  That passion for community will be a great asset in his new role.

      Welcome aboard, Jesse!  Looking forward to what you'll be helping to drive with Silverlight.


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    • Chris Bowen's Blog

      BarCamp Manchester - July 28th


      The next BarCamp Manchester will be next Saturday, July 28th at ABI (33 S. Commercial St., Manchester, NH) from 10-5:

      BarCampManchester"BarCampManchester is an un-conference BarCamp event held twice annually in Manchester, NH. The goal of BarCampManchester is to bring technology professionals from the Greater Manchester area and New Hamphire together to learn and network.

      Unlike many conferences you may have been to, a BarCamp is free and all content is provided by the attendees. It provides a great opportunity to learn about cutting edge tools and technology from your peers. To learn more, check out What is BarCamp."

      Here are some pictures from the last one that was held in November last year (for example, a picture of the session board.)

      To attend, head to the BarCamp Manchester site and add yourself to the registration list.


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