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October, 2008

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    C# "dynamic," Part III

    Here are a few good resources that you ought to look at for information about dynamic from PDC: Anders Hejlsberg's talk, "The Future of C#" - Among other things, this talk is a great introduction to dynamic. I recommend it highly! There are...
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    C# "dynamic," Part II

    Yesterday, I made an attempt to introduce the C# dynamic feature by describing what change there has been to the language, what scenarios we hope to affect by that change, and some overview of what dynamic operations look like in C# 4 as it stands in...
  • Chris Burrows' [Old] Blog

    C# "dynamic"

    PDC 2008 arrives today, and that means that I am finally able to talk publicly about some of the things I've been working on for the next version of C#. What a relief! I am excited for the world to see some of this stuff, and to start receiving more customer...
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