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[Announcements] Launch Tour Feedback Gets Results

[Announcements] Launch Tour Feedback Gets Results

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If there is one message that we have heard from you following each stop of the Windows Vista, 2007 Microsoft Office System, and Exchange Server 2007 Business Value Launch, it is your cry for a copy of the software so that you can play and become familiar with it.  Working in conjunction with the Product Managers, we are happy to say that we can now fulfill your request.  Everyone who attended a Launch 2007 event and submitted a completed evaluation form with their name and address will receive a complimentary Launch 2007 evaluation kit containing

· A downloadable full copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2007

· A Microsoft Office Running Start CD

· Resources and tools for evaluating Windows Vista

· A Microsoft Partner Solution DVD

With the large number of people that attended Launch 2007 events, this process will take some time to roll out so please be patient.  Expect to see your package within the next 2 to 6 weeks.  Don’t forget that you can also download full recordings of each of the Launch 2007 sessions, as well as get links to additional resources by visiting the Launch 2007 post-event page at http://www.microsoft.ca/anewday.

If you have any questions (or just want to provide your feedback) please post a comment on the blog.

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  • Suprisingly the  day after I ask, I receive my kit, comes with a key included an a address to download office. THANKS MS :)

  • Thank you, Microsoft team, for the complimentary Launch 2007 evaluation kit!

    Unfortunately, I received yesterday evening only a notice that the parsel was sent back to Microsoft.

    Why you are using Canpar for delivery?

    This company simply can't do their job - when I called them the same evening I got a notice, they only informed me that they can't deliver it.

    Please use Canada Post - I could always come to Post Office in the evening, but I can't wait at home whole day for Canpar delivery.


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