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MatchIt.ca - Where Technology and Citizenship Meet

MatchIt.ca - Where Technology and Citizenship Meet

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Before joining Microsoft, I used to work with many non-for-profits and charitable organizations. There is a huge demand out there for technical help in different capacities - I used to do a host of odd jobs like helping setting up networks, replacing defective video cards, setting up websites and so forth. Trying to find the right organization to work with can be a challenge - sometimes you don't have a clear idea where to start and what charities need help.

Enter MatchIT.ca. It's a new Canadian online initiative designed to help bring together charities and non-profit organizations who have IT needs with Canada’s Technical Communities who are looking to give-back to the community by volunteering outside of their day-to-day jobs. We have joined forces with Imagine Canada (www.imaginecanada.ca) to connect technology opportunities from charities with developers (and IT professionals, students and hobbyists).

MatchIT allows charities across the country to post virtual "want ads" describing opportunities to our audiences that have inputted their volunteer profile to assist these organizations. Through a unique taxonomy process developed by our friends at Navantis, only true matches will be put forward to awaiting volunteers, so you will not have to wade through all the opportunities to find a good fit. Here are the stats so far:

  • IT Volunteers: 790
  • Non Profit Organizations: 86
  • Open opportunities: 53
  • Matches: 12204

If you know a Developer (or IT Pro) looking for ways they can help Canadian communities, or if you are interested in applying your technical skills to incredible Canadian charities in a volunteer capacity, simply visit the MatchIT website and "Sign Up"! It's a great opportunity if you would like to add to your resume, meet some great people and create opportunities!

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