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Canucks at PDC - .NET Services with Justin Smith

Canucks at PDC - .NET Services with Justin Smith

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As you probably know by now, Windows Azure provides a foundation for services hosted "in the cloud". Building on top of this foundational layer are numerous services targeted towards a variety of audiences, including developers. As I've come to understand it, the developer-related "goop" (*) for things like workflow, access control, and service bus are collectively known as .NET Services. In fact, Don Box and Chris Anderson delivered a wildly-fantastic demo of all these services as part of yesterday keynote, which will be posted to the Microsoft PDC Website later today.

To better understand .NET Services, its context in the Windows Azure "vision", and what this all means to Canadian developers, I spend a few minutes with Justin Smith, a Senior Program Manager for .NET Services:

Download(s): WMV

(*) "Goop" is a technical term used to describe something in the architecture that I don't quite understand just yet... but I'm working on it... in fact, let me get back to you. :-)

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