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Windows 7 Feels the Love

Windows 7 Feels the Love

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windows_7_logoComputerWorld has a report citing a couple of interesting poll results:

  • A poll conducted by ChangeWave says that 44% of the IT pros they interviewed said that they were “very satisfied” with the Windows 7 beta. This is leaps and bounds over a similar poll they conducted in February 2007 when 10% said they were as satisfied with Vista.
  • In the same poll, 53% said that they’d skip Vista outright and just wait Windows 7.

This is consistent with my own experience talking with people at various events ranging from the EnergizeIT cross-Canada tour to my Coffee and Code gatherings (where even Macheads have been asking me for Win 7 install DVDs) to the Mesh Conference. I’ve never seen people this stoked about a beta operating system, never mind a version of Windows!

It’s an interesting part of what I like to describe as the “sea change taking place within and without The Empire”. I’m looking forward to the upcoming release candidate.

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