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Happy Multi-Named Holiday!

Happy Multi-Named Holiday!

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"Hello my name is" sticker No matter what name you prefer to call it…

  • Civic Holiday (generic name, also the official name in Manitoba, Northwest Territories and Nunavut)
  • British Columbia Day (guess where it’s called that)
  • Heritage Day (Alberta)
  • Saskatchewan Day (once again, you’ll have to guess)
  • New Brunswick Day (by now, your powers of deductive reasoning should guide you to the right answer)
  • Natal Day (Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, not to be confused with the upcoming XBox 360 interface)
  • Many names in Ontario, including:
    • Simcoe Day (most of Toronto)
    • Mountie Day (North York region of Toronto)
    • Colonel By Day (Ottawa)
    • Joseph Brant Day (Burlington)
    • Founder’s Day (Brantford)
    • McLaughlin Day (Oshawa)
    • Alexander Mackenzie Day (Sarnia)
    • Peter Robinson Day (Peterborough)
    • James Cockburn Day (Guelph)

…we at Microsoft Canada would like to wish you a happy and safe multi-named holiday!

(Wikipedia says that the holiday is not observed in Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec or the Yukon. We still hope you have a great day, and we hope that things are very quiet and relaxed at work.)

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  • Apparently Microsoft doesn't know New Brunswick exists.

  • I can confirm that wikipedia is right at least for Quebec! :)

    <i>and we hope that things are very quiet and relaxed at work</i>

    Not really actually! :P

  • Bill: No, we just believe that what happens in New Brunswick, STAYS in New Brunswick!

    But seriously -- I should've taken a head count of the provinces when giving the list a once-over before publsihing it. Thanks for the heads-up!

  • Sorry Joey, I just can't let this one go -- in Guelph we celebrate John Galt Day, after our city founder. I think it's Coburg that celebrates James Cockburn Day.

    I didn't know, though, how many other places in Ontario have renamed the holiday. Interesting!

    Whatever you call it - hope it was good. :)

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