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Finding Domains on a Given IP Address with Bing

Finding Domains on a Given IP Address with Bing

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Bing logoHere's a cute trick: Bing’s ip: operator lets you find out which domains are on a given IP address.

For example, let’s consider the IP address of the Coffee and Code blog, whose URL is coffeeandcode.org. A quick check using a utility like whois or host2ip or reveals that its IP address is Take that IP address and type it into Bing preceded by the ip: operator like so:

"ip:" typed into a Bing search textbox

…and Bing will return a list of domains that live at that given IP address. In this particular case, you’ll find a couple of my own domains: my personal blog’s domain, joeydevilla.com, as well as my technical blog’s domain, globalnerdy.com.

Apparently it’s a feature that’s been around since the MSN/Live.com search days, but it’s a little-known one, so I thought I’d mention it here.

(This article also appears in my personal technical blog, Global Nerdy.)

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  • This doesn't seem to work anymore... Not from the bing.com webpage, not from the search box.

    Or is it just me, only today?

  • Luis: Just tried it a moment ago, and it works for me!

  • This doesn't seem to work for me either...

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