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This Zune HD Could Be Yours!

This Zune HD Could Be Yours!

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Pictured above is a 16GB Zune HD (the accordion’s there to act as a nice stand and prove that it’s actually in our possession). It’s quite nice, the navigation system is both simple and clever, and the browser experience is nothing short of amazing – I spent a little time surfing with it last night and kept saying “If only they had a plan to put this into Windows Phone…”

The Zune HD is not yet available in Canada. We have one because IT Pro Evangelist Rick Claus made a quick run down from Vancouver (where we are for the TechDays conference) into the U.S., where they’re available (although very hard to find – people are snapping them up).

This Zune could be yours. There’s a plan in motion as to how that will come about, so watch this space…

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  • The ZuneHD is awesome.  Picked mine up on Tuesday and loving it.

  • What would be really sweet is the Zune Pass coming to Canada too! :)

  • let's see if i can get my hands on the zune hd :)

  • @Steve: Glad to hear that you like it! I can't wait to get one myself!

  • Why no zune HD in Canada? Can't be a DRM issue as Napster has been around in Canada for umpteen years.  What gives?

  • Any plans yet how we can win this Zune HD?

  • @John: Joey works in mysterious ways. ;-) He won't even tell me what he has up his sleeve!

  • How come there isnt a Zune HD available in Canada yet. After Christmas im gonna buy either that or a Touch and i want to try both. What gives?

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