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TechDays: Reza Alirezaei on Developing and Consuming Services For SharePoint

TechDays: Reza Alirezaei on Developing and Consuming Services For SharePoint

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reza alirezaei 1

As I write this, we’re getting into the final session of TechDays Toronto, which in my track – Developing for the Microsoft-Based Platform – features SharePoint guru Reza Alirezaei doing his presentation, Developing and Consuming Services for SharePoint.

If you ask me the question “What is SharePoint?”, I’d most likely give you a description that sounds like this:

how sharepoint appears to uninitiated

Here’s a more accurate description of what SharePoint is:


Reza’s session takes a look at another aspect of SharePoint: as a platform on which you can build and deploy custom web services that other clients can call upon.

reza alirezaei 2

Once his session’s done, TechDays Toronto will wrap up and then the tear-down process begins.

Next stop: Halifax on November 2nd and 3rd!

[This article also appears in my personal tech blog, Global Nerdy.]

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  • Thanks Joey! Super organized event and awesome track.I really enjoyed the whole show and walked away with lots of new stuff to wrap my head around. Reze's session was wicked!! He simply dumped his brain on the topic in an hour and shared lots of real world , no fluff content! My hats off to ya'll!!Well done.  

  • I am most impressed with “Developing SharePoint Services” session and I think it was the only Level 300 presentation in Toronto TechDays 2009. A session packed with rich contents applied to advance real life SharePoint tasks. This session was a testament how a presenter with real life experience makes a difference.

    Could you make the power point and code samples available for download please?

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