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WinMoDevCamp: Save the Date – November 11th!

WinMoDevCamp: Save the Date – November 11th!

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WinMoDevCamp banner

On Wednesday, November 11th, we’ll be hosting the Toronto-area WinMoDevCamp at Microsoft Canada’s headquarters! It’ll be the fifth in a series of worldwide “Camp” style workshops focusing on developing applications for Windows Mobile (including the upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5).

WinMoDevCamp – short for Windows Mobile Developer Camp – was inspired by events like BarCamp, SuperHappyDevHouse and the original iPhoneDevCamp. It’s a free-of-charge get-together where mobile developers, web developers, .NET developers, UI designers, testers, device manufacturers and Canadian mobile carriers gather, team up and work in ad-hoc mobile development projects for the day.

You’ll get to:

  • Create new applications for the Windows Mobile Platform
  • Meet and work side-by-side with people from the Microsoft Mobile Developer Experience team
  • Migrate existing mobile apps from the iPhone, BlackBerry and Palm Pre to the Windows Mobile platform
  • Create applications to support Windows Enterprise Applications
  • Meet with representatives from Canadian mobile phone companies, including Bell, Rogers, Telus and WIND
  • Test and optimize applications for Windows Mobile 6.5

The event is free-as-in-beer (in other words, it costs nothing to attend), and you’ll be able to sign up to attend soon – watch this space!

[This article also appears in Global Nerdy.]

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  • Free-as-in-beer?  Does that mean there will be beer there?

  • Okay, how about "free-as-in-no-money-required"?

    If anyone's up for a beer after the event, we can go to the Firkin across the street. I'll buy the first round!

  • I'll also buy a beer for everyone that has put up an Azure app and can share feedback on the experience.... maybe some wings too :-)


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