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WIN180 - What They Didn’t Tell You About WP Development (Lessons Learned through Coding and Too Much Soda)           
Atley Hunter        

With over 70 apps built and another 50+ due to be published in the Marketplace this year, Windows Phone MVP Atley Hunter shares what he's found out making all those apps. Learn from his Binging and bungling, ask your questions and get the real info from someone who's lives and breathes Windows Phone development.

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WIN380 - Push Notifications and Live Tiles in Windows Phone
Erez Harari

In Windows Phone, an application does not have to run in order to communicate with the user, rather the Push Notifications and Live Tiles features can be used in order to present live and dynamic information to the user over the pinned applications’ tiles and by prompting pop-up notifications over the phone screen. In this session we will go through the concepts of Push Notifications and Live Tiles in Windows Phone applications and see how easy it is to create and use them from your own code.