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  • Blog Post: How to use Visual Studio Online to Streamline Your Application Development with Agile Methodology

    Have you ever worked on a personal project with some cool people you met in class and then 6 months later you ended up with a half-boiled mess of a codebase and feature-set that was nigh unusable? More than likely, what your project was missing was direction. In a project with no form of work tracking...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio ‒ It Just Keeps Getting Better

    With Visual Studio Update 2 the IDE of choice for many developers just keeps getting better and better. I'm already a big fan of Visual Studio, it's pretty much the best IDE for a number of platforms and with these recent updates it's just that much more awesome. As someone who's worked on the MS stack...
  • Blog Post: Agile Management of the Modern App

    Guest post by Adam Gallant In my job at Microsoft, I get the privilege of interaction with hundreds of development customers of all shapes and sizes across the country. One of the trends that I’m seeing in every customer, of every size, is that application development is changing pretty dramatically...
  • Blog Post: TechDays 2011 Montreal – Build your personalized Schedule

    After having the pleasure of talking about technology and connecting with people in Toronto and Vancouver – it’s now Montreal’s turn. Techdays Montreal is coming quickly and the whole team is giving 200% effort to finish things up with a Bang. This year – lots of diverse sessions...
  • Blog Post: Building on your Architecture from TechDays

    You’ve attended, or plan to attend TechDays . You attend sessions and learn more about Agile, ASP.NET security sessions, IntelliTrace, the Entity Framework, Test Manager and more! Your head is buzzing with thoughts about how can I apply what I’ve seen at TechDays when I get back to the office...
  • Blog Post: Great Content in the Nations Capital!

    TechDays is going to rock Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. But we haven’t forgotten the rest of the country! TechDays is sponsoring a number of events across Canada so even if you can’t make it to TechDays this year, you don’t have to miss out! In Ottawa, Microsoft is a proud sponsor and is even providing...
  • Blog Post: One More Reason to Attend TechDays – The Developer Practices and Architecture Track

    We’ve revealed the keynotes , the Windows Client and Phone Track , the Developer Tools, Languages and Framework track , and the Cloud Computing and Online Services track, now I’d like to introduce you to a track that applies to cloud, windows, mobile, and web developers, C#, and VB programmers alike...
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