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  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Boot Camp in Calgary on October 2nd!

    Creative Commons photo by Oli-Oviyan. Click the photo to see the original. Inspired by the supremely-talented R. Lee Ermey : Listen up Cloud Cadets! On Saturday, October 2nd, Noel Tan from the Calgary PASS Chapter will host a Windows Azure Boot Camp ! The purpose of this FREE boot camp is simple...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone-a-Palooza [Updated]

    Update: Please note the changes to the Toronto-area deployment clinic locations! The "Windows Phone Canada" LinkedIn Group If you’re not a member of LinkedIn , the social networking site for professionals, you should join it now! It’s a great place to keep in touch with your network of working...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 7 Montreal Bootcamp on Monday!

    In case you hadn't yet seen Windows Phone 7 in action, here's a video that was shot recently: I get a lot of questions about Windows Phone 7 development, and of these, the most often-asked one is “How do I get started building apps for Windows Phone?” My answer is always the same: take a guide or tutorial...
  • Blog Post: What’s Happening with Windows Phone 7 [Updated]

    Update: I added links to official Windows Phone 7 documentation. And now, a quick wrap-up of what’s happening with Windows Phone 7. (What you see above is my phone in my hand, as seen from my point of view at Café Novo , one of my “remote offices” in Toronto.) In this article, I cover: General in-person...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 7 Bootcamp

    You’ve seen the announcement and perhaps you’ve downloaded the beta of the Windows Phone 7 dev tools (if you haven’t, do it now!) Now that you’ve got the tools, what’s next? Will they just lie there, dormant on your hard drive, or are you going to use them and be a trailblazer on a brand new mobile platform...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 7 Bootcamp: Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto

    Want some hardcore training from a developer who’s been doing Windows Phone 7 development since the tools were released in March? Then you’ll want to check out DevTeach’s Windows Phone 7 Bootcamp , taking place late this summer in Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto. The Windows Phone 7 Bootcamp...
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