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  • Blog Post: MIX11 and Windows Phone Re-Cap

    Note: The following blog post was written by Windows Phone 7 expert, Mark Arteaga . During MIX11 the Windows Phone Developer Tools team made some great announcements that will help developers build new types of applications for the next version of Windows Phone code named “Mango”. From the beginning...
  • Blog Post: Kate Gregory on Channel 9!

    Kate Gregory ( @gregcons ) is a developer’s developer. (And, she’s Canadian too!) She’s smart, funny and incredibly talented. So, it’s no surprise to me when she’s featured on Channel 9 . Recently, she was interviewed by Charles Torre about C++:   You may remember that last year, she and Richard...
  • Blog Post: DevTeach Toronto 2008

    DevTeach Toronto is fast approaching, and features a number of world class speakers including Micorosft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) and Regional Directors: There are a number of reasons why you should attend the event. Here's a few to start: Keynote by Scott Hanselman, Microsoft Scott Hanselman...
  • Blog Post: Canadian Heroes Community Launch

    Over the next several months Technical communities around the world are hosting Community Launch events focusing on technical dives of Microsoft Windows Server 2008™, Visual Studio 2008™, and SQL Server 2008™. Community leaders have been trained directly from Microsoft and empowered to host technical...
  • Blog Post: My Chat with Richard Campbell

    A few weeks ago, Richard Campbell dropped by to deliver a presentation to the Calgary .NET User Group . Since Richard is a good friend of mine, I insisted that he visit me in the suburbs of my fine city. Shortly before heading over to venue, Richard and I sat down and had a chat about his career, database...
  • Blog Post: Toronto Code Camp 2007

    This Saturday, over 600+ people will converge to attend the 2nd annual Toronto Code Camp . I'll be delivering the keynote and a session on codename " Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere (WPF/E) ". The event is unfortunately full (in terms of attendees) but if you have already signed up, be sure...
  • Blog Post: MVP Global Summit 2007: Photos and Videos

    Last week, I attended the 2007 MVP Global Summit in Redmond and the Canadian contigent really made a splash. We all wore bright red Team Canada jerseys and showed our national pride by chanting "Canada, Canada". In case you aren't aware, MVP stands for Most Valuable Professionals - exceptional technical...
  • Blog Post: Team Foundation Power Tools 1.2

    The Team Foundation Server product team has been hard at work on the version 1.2 release of the Team Foundation Power Tools (if you recall, it used to be called the Power Toys). There is a Canadian connection in this release - Joel Semeniuk , one of our valued Team System MVPs and a Regional Director...
  • Blog Post: [Canadian RDs; Launch 2007; Podcasts] Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell on .NET Rocks! and Pwop! Productions

    MP3: Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell on .NET Rocks! and Pwop! Productions Earlier today, I got a chance to sit down with Carl Franklin and fellow Canadian Richard Campbell during the 2007 Microsoft Launch in Toronto. In our chat, we discuss the success behind .NET Rocks! and the engine that supports...
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