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  • Blog Post: In Search Of… Finding Open Source code for Windows Phone on CodePlex

    If you were born in the 70’s like I was, you may remember a show hosted by Leonard Nimoy called In Search Of…   that explored unexplained phenomena and some of the theories behind it.  Being young and impressionable, I soaked in the theories that this show presented about things supernatural...
  • Blog Post: Connecting Windows Azure to Windows Phone Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

    As of today, connecting Windows Azure to your application running on Windows Phone 7 just got a whole lot easier with the release of the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7 designed to make it easier for you to leverage the cloud services running in Windows Azure. The toolkit, which you can find...
  • Blog Post: WATTT: Know If You’ve Got Your Cloud On

    (If you’re wondering what WATTT stands for, it’s W indows A zure T ips, T ricks, and T ools – a blog series dedicated to bringing you neat Windows Azure things that can help you with your development.) If you’re like me and are actively doing work with Windows Azure , whether you’re learning how to develop...
  • Blog Post: A (Quick) Web Developer's View of Oxite

    With weather conditions being what they are here in Calgary , I decided to spend some time playing around with Oxite , a blog engine written using ASP.NET MVC . Oxite is well suited for Web developers wanting understand out how to leverage some of the capabilities of ASP.NET MVC . However, it needs...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Patterns & Practices: Composite Application Guidance for WPF

    I'm sure many of you have seen Microsoft's Patterns & Practices website and I'll bet a large number of you have read the best practices guidance there and used the application blocks available there. Well, a new guidance stream is available on the site, this one specific to providing prescriptive...
  • Blog Post: Windows Live and Vista Gadgets

    Are you interested in developing gadgets for Windows Live and Windows Vista ? If so - we have an offer coming up that will definitely interest you in a big way! Gadgets are mini-applications which allow users quick access to information from applications, the Internet, and utilities. Windows Vista gadgets...
  • Blog Post: Chris Dufour on MVPs, Code Camps and Virtual Earth Mashups

    Here is my interview with Chris Dufour ( ASP.NET MVP ), the leader of the East of Toronto .NET User Group . Chris has been really busy in the last year, including organizing the 2007 Toronto Code Camp , sharing his custom DotNetNuke Code Camp Event module on Codeplex , and creating a Virtual Earth mashup...
  • Blog Post: Code Camp DotNetNuke Module Available on Codeplex

    Chris Dufour, one of our user group leaders for the East of Toronto .NET User Group , has shared with everyone one of the modules he has built for the Toronto Code Camp. The module was written in VB .NET 1.1 and targets DotNetNuke 3.x and above. It also works with DotNetNuke version 4. If you are...
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