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  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 8 for the Holidays

    While I’d love to say that I’m giving you each a Windows Phone 8 device for the holidays, I can’t. Sorry. But, given that most of us have some time off coming (or perhaps you’ve already started your winter break), I can give you the gift of a Windows Phone 8 developer course – 20+ hours worth of learning...
  • Blog Post: Conference or Course? Where Should I Spend my Training Budget?

    I started work in the era of Stephen Covey and the ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ craze. Heck I was even sent on a 7 Habits course and given a 7 habits daytimer! One of the 7 habits was to ‘Sharpen the Saw’ which amounts to the importance of spending time improving yourself...
  • Blog Post: Intel/Microsoft Parallel Programming One-Day Course: September 20th in Montreal

    (If you don’t get the joke, here’s a little explanation .) Moore’s Law isn’t dead; it just ended up taking on a new form. Named after Intel co-founder Gordon Moore , it refers to the observation that for the same amount of money, the number of transistors that can be place on a chip would double every...
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